Milo Rakshesh's Journal

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to create any sort of log. After everything went to hell on New Plympto, I went underground and thought only of two things—getting off-world and finding Master Darksword. I managed to sneak myself onto a transport to the Duro system and there to Corellia, to Denon and then to Brentell. This is one of those times I was happy to have that silk Anaxian robe. It let me pass myself off as some traveller in the Core. Along the way, I met up with my current comrades:

Zak Kurn—Human, looks like he’s had a high-class upbringing though he is incredibly uncouth.

MD7—Droid of an unusual make; not too sure what to make of it yet.

Malin Crumar—Mon Calamari; quite the rabble-rouser.

Nihl—Zabrak (must ask which colony he’s from), brawler and about as uncouth as Zak.

Liril—Another Jedi padawan. I don’t remember seeing him at the Temple, but it’s been so long and I was away with Master Darksword most of the time. He’s incredibly pacifist; probably took a few lessons to literally. He’s a nice ideal, but with the rise of the Empire, I fear we do not have the luxury of idealism any longer.

The six of us arrived on Sel Zonn Station and were about to continue on wherever we could when we were interrupted by a slight scuffle. Two Stormtroopers accosted a woman, who pled for assistance. Naturally, that meant us. We also had to handle three Imperial informants at the same time. MD7 and I took serious wounds from the troopers blaster rifles, as did the woman. We managed to subdue the Imperials and get her to safety.

In her safehouse, the woman, Maya, told us of a meeting she was to attend at Storage Bay V14 of the station. In her condition, she would be unable to make it, and time seemed to be of the essence. We agreed to go in her stead and meet Switch. She headed to a more secure location after giving us a secured comlink to reach her.

We went to V14 and met Twitch after hiring two of his Gamorrean thugs. Switch is a protocol droid and apparently runs a number of questionable lines of trade. He told us that there was an Alderaanian agent frozen in carbonite in the Imperial controlled Blue Deck. We were about to leave when a Chevin and a group of thugs came looking for Switch. This was fortunate as it kept us from having to pay Switch for his information. Help him out and we were even. We handled the Chevin and then made our way to Blue Deck to see about the Alderaanian agent. We quickly learned that the agent would be transported off the station to Bretell very shortly. We planned to get into the shuttle bay where the agent was being held and take off in the incoming Imperial shuttle and arrange a dropoff. We managed to acquire a couple suits of Stormtrooper armor to make the ruse work. The shuttle was coming in when it was destroyed by another ship and our plan almost blown thanks to the chatter that came through on the secured comlink. After a quick bit of deception, we managed to get the agent out before the new ship landed and the Imperials in the bay taken out. I should note Maya was not informed of any of our plan with regards to the agent. We were met by Sirona Okeefe, captain of the Banshee. She brought us to Alderaan where we met with Senator Bail Organa. I remember seeing Senator Organa on Coruscant once or twice, but never really spoke to him. His agent has thawed and is giving information. We’re preparing for our task with the Senator now.

Milo Rakshesh's Journal

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