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Hello everyone to the wiki for King Kill’s Dawn of Defiance campaign! This is where we can put up character diaries/bios/whatnot as well as keep up with game updates.

Game updates: 4/11/09—There will be no game on Sunday, April 12th. King Kill is starting a new position at work and this requires relocation. We should be back up on April 19th. In the meantime, enjoy the Easter holiday!

16/04/09—Well, the change at work means I’ll be working every Sunday between now and the end of all time. The campaign’s still workable, although we’ll have to start 3 hours later than we have previously. I hope this works for everyone and that we can get back to the game this week, because things were getting pretty good. Catch you all Sunday, I hope. :D ~ King Kill

Character journals: Milo Rakshesh’s Journal

Main Page

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